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Seller Terms & Conditions


At SWOPMEET we strive to showcase the best vintage and new clothes Australian’s have to offer. In order to do this we demand certain expectations are met by sellers when listing an item.

Clear photographs of products

– high quality (500x500px min. dimensions)
– clear colour in the background
– no advertising material

Clear sizing information

– providing a rough size fit (e.g. “Labelled: Small, will fit Medium) is allowed, although we recommend measurements in either cm or inches with the garment laid flat.

Quality of garment

– we reserve the right to remove products that don’t suit the appeal of SWOPMEET. This includes but is not limited to: heavily worn/damaged garments, garments older than 20 years old, poorly fitting garments that exceed 2XL, garments that don’t fit within the established product categories.


From time to time we reserve the right to remove products that have been sold. This is to ensure customers have a worthwhile experience while browsing the marketplace. It also enables SWOPMEET to host more active products for customers.


Unless specified otherwise through promotional activities initiated by SWOPMEET, all listings sold on SWOPMEET will incur a fee of 8% of the final transaction sale. This figure is subject to change at any time at the discretion of SWOPMEET. In the event of any changes to any fees all sellers will be notified 30 days prior.

In the event of a listing being removed you will incur no fees or charges for that listing.


SWOPMEET currently uses PayPal as its checkout partner. Because of this all sellers are required to be a registered user on PayPal. Sellers that are not registered or have not entered their PayPal email address into their SWOPMEET seller dashboard will have up to 7 business days to do so or will forfeit their funds.


Under no circumstances should customer information be shared or distributed in any manner. Any breach of this confidentiality will result in an immediate and permanent ban from SWOPMEET and it marketplace.

Buyer Terms & Conditions

All sales are final and the permittance of cancellations, refunds, and exchanges is up to the discretion of the seller.

In the occurrence of a breach to the consumer rights and guarantees regulated by the ACCC please contact SWOPMEET directly at: hello@swopmeet.com.au. For more information on your rights as a consumer please visit here: https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/consumer-rights-guarantees

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